Audi launches Q5 micro site

Audi launches Q5 micro site

With the 2008 Beijing Auto Show only a couple days away, Audi has launched a micro site for the upcoming compact Q5 SUV. Honestly it’s nothing really amusing other than a kaleidoscope showing a bunch of landscape scenery. The only thing we found interesting was Audi’s offer to fly you out and put you in hotel to test drive the Q5 after you register for the site.

The Audi Q5 will debut in Germany with three engine variants. The first being a 2.0 TFSI that will produce an output of 207hp . The second two will be TDI versions including a 2.0 liter that will produce 167hp and a 3.0 liter that will produce 236hp. Q5 production has already kicked-off at Audi”s Ingolstadt factory. The SUV will arrive in the US early next year.

Click here to visit the Audi Q5 micro site.

Click through for our renderings of the Audi Q5.

Photo Renderings: Audi Q5:

Photo Renderings: Audi Q5 Photo Renderings: Audi Q5 


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