Rolls-Royce gets world’s most expensive hood ornament at $200k

Rolls-Royce gets world's most expensive hood ornament at $200kSo now that you’ve cashed out anywhere from $340,000 – $403,000 on your new Rolls-Royce Phantom or let’s say $407,000 for a new Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, you want to take it a step further and differntiate yourself from your tea-sipping, golf playing friends. Well how about the ‘Spirit of Ecstacy,’ the mascot that sits on the front of ever Rolls-Royce, being decked out in jewels.

We don’t know how we missed it but a Manhattan based jewler, Kemanjian, was at this year’s New York Auto Show, displaying his latest creation; a one-of-a-kind diamond studded Rolls-Royce mascot that he designed exclusively for Manhattan Motorcars.

“What we did was to add 150 carats of D color VVS1 quality diamonds and some fancy intense yellow diamonds on the wings,” said Kemanjian.

Not taking the spotlight off the Rolls-Royce itself Kemanjian said, “The whole car is original, from top to bottom. This is the original mascot that comes with the car. There’s no after market, there’s nothing added to the car. This is all original Rolls-Royce.”

Cost for all this blingness? $200,000. Don’t even start. We don’t want to sit here and list all the things we’d buy with $200,000 and still be able to show off our Rolls-Royce off.


Source: Bornrich (via Epoch Times and Jalopnik)

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