Facebook helps police find stolen VW

Facebook helps police find stolen VW

Social networking site, and basically the means of communication for every college student, has helped police find a stolen car. Following a theft of a Volkswagen Beetle in Shrebury in March, police had urged Facebook users to keep a look out for the car.

After an appeal was placed on Facebook, through groups and Facebook flyer adds, a woman had told officers she had seen the Beetle in a Telford car park.

“The stolen vehicle has been recovered and the vehicle owner has been informed,” a spokesman for West Mercia Police said. “This is a very unusual way of recovering a stolen vehicle but we would like to thank the eagle-eyed member of the public for her assistance.”

Do you guys remember the news of that girl that went mysteriously missing and pictures of her were posted on Facebook. They had every guy in the World looking for her. Turned out she was a model for a X-rated site who was doing some viral marketing.


Source: Pistonheads