Audi kills off A4 hybrid for the U.S., diesel still on its way

In November of last year, Audi execs had confirmed that the German automaker would be introducing an A4 hybrid variant in about 2.5 – 3 years. They claimed that the architecture of the A4 was already designed to easily incorporate a hybrid system.

Well after killing off the plans to bring a Q7 hybrid to the U.S. by 2009 due to the value of the dollar, it seems like the A4 hybrid will unfortunately follow the same fate.

Communications director Jeff Kuhlman has said that the cost of the hybrid system on both vehicles would not offset the anticipated sales of the hybrids. As a result of expected low-volume and the crappy exchange rates, the price would be too high to move the two hybrids out of the showroom.

However, Audi is still planning on offering a 3.0L diesel V6, the same unit used in the Q7 and the Volkswagen Touareg. The engine has already been certified and makes business sense for Audi.


Source: Audi (via AutoblogGreen)

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