Toyota denies that it received funding from Japanese government for Prius

Hey, look at what we have here. Just last night we briefly told you about Jim Press’s comment made in recent BusinessWeek article about the cost of development of the Toyota Prius. The ex-Toyota employee, and now vice chairman and president of Chrysler LLC, was reported saying that “The Japanese government paid for 100 percent of the development of the battery and hybrid system that went into the Toyota Prius.”

Toyota denied the reports this morning saying that it had received nothing from the Japanese government in the planning and development of its popular hybrid car.

“I can say 100 percent that Toyota received absolutely no support — no money, no grants — from the Japanese government for the development of the Prius,” Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said.

Come on now Press, No backbiting or whistleblowing.


Source: The Detroit News

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