Loder1899 tunes the new Euro Focus, ups output by 30

Loder1899 2008 Ford Focus

We love the new Euro Ford Focus and wish we had the same Focus here than the ugly piece of crap currently on our roads. German tuner Loder1899 decided they wanted to make us a little more jealous by offering a new sportier body kit for the new Ford Focus.

The kit includes a new front spoiler, roof spoiler, rear diffuser and rides on by 17 to 20 inch alloy wheels. Other than the new look, Loder1899 provides a new engine management kit giving the new Focus an increase of 30 horsepower for a total of 165. The tuned Focus sits 35mm lower thanks to a new sports suspension.

Oh how we await the arrival of the new Focus RS.

Loder1899 2008 Ford Focus (European):

Loder1899 2008 Ford Focus  Loder1899 2008 Ford Focus  Loder1899 2008 Ford Focus  

Source: WorldCarFans