Electric powered Superchargers ready for mass production

Electric powered Superchargers ready for mass production

Everything these days in the automotive industry is being powered by an electric motor; next on the list are superchargers. A British company has unveiled plans to produce a supercharger powered by an electric motor.

Basically, instead of being driven with the help of the engine belt like a traditional supercharger, Controlled Power Technologies’ Variable Torque Enhancement System (VTEC) uses a small electric motor in order to increase air supply.

The unit could be available within the next 18 months and is ready for mass production. According to spokesperson for the company, three car manufacturers have shown serious interest in the system due to its ‘plug and play’ capability. The unit can also be fitted to existing engines without any major redesign.

Why go electric? Well the electric motor spins to maximum revs and extra air is supplied to the unit on demand, making it more efficient than a turbocharger. Not only that, CPT is saying that the unit allows a major improvement in performance with a 40 percent reduction in 45-65mph in-gear acceleration. Of course being cheap to produce, compact and durability are also major benefits.


Source: AutoCar