Detroit’s Big 3, Toyota and Honda all post losses in March

Detroit's Big 3, Toyota and Honda all post loss in March

GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota and Honda all reported a dip in sales for the month of March, mainly due to the decline in demand for trucks and SUVs.

GM said it delivered 282,732 vehicles in the month, a decline of 19.1 percent from 349,866 a year ago. Chrysler was down 19.4 percent selling 166,386 as compared to 206,435 in 2006. FoMoCo said that its Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands taotaled 213,074, down 14.4 percent. Toyota reported a 10.2 percent dip in sales to 217,730 units. Honda sales were down 3.2 percent to 138,734 vehicles, from 143,392 in 2007.

Source: Detroit News