Chevrolet Volt could cost up to $48,000!

In a recent article by BusinessWeek called ‘The road to stronger CAFE standard,’ writer David Kiley got some one-on-one time with two Detroit big shots, Jim Press of Chrysler and our main man Bob Lutz of GM. While Jim Press had something important to say along the lines of “…the Japanese government paid for 100% of the development of the battery and hybrid system that went into the Toyota Prius,” (yes we know that’s pretty big, read the article at BusinessWeek if you care that much about Priuses and Toyota), we were more concerned with Lutz comments on the Volt’s pricetag.

Lutz has already told us that even though the Volt is the next big step for GM, the automaker won’t break even on it for years. But just like us, you’re probably still wondering what the pricetag for the Volt will be.

GM once targeted $30,000 of your money for the Chevrolet Volt. But now, with all the development cost going into the plug-in hybrid, Lutz reckons the price could reach about $48,000. Lutz claims that $40,000 is possible only if GM doesn’t make a penny on the car. Only if the government throws on tax incentives for purchasing a Volt, could only take the price close to the $30,000 mark.

So there you have it, while it may be saving you fuel, it probably will burn a good amount of your bank account.


Source: MSNBC (via Jalopnik)

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