Police: Man fails to steal car because he couldn’t drive a manual

Police: Man fails to steal car because he couldn't drive a manual

Some people just don’t learn do they? Just after being released from jail on Tuesday morning, Frank Singleton, 21, made an attempt to carjack a woman’s Nissan 350ZX in the jail’s parking lot. Really, we’re not kidding. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Singleton was unsuccessful at stealing the vehicle because he didn’t know how to drive a manual.

“There was a struggle. The guy was able to get the keys away from her and put them in the ignition, but it was a five-speed shift and he didn’t know how to drive it, and that’s why he couldn’t get away from the parking lot,” Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Paul Miller said.

Singleton was arrested once again on the spot and thrown back into jail. Before his attempt to steal the car, Singleton was serving time on a misdemeanor trespassing charge and was released a few hours later. 

According to Miller, when asked why he wanted to steal the woman’s car, Singleton responded: “I just didn’t feel like walking.”



Source: ABC

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