Pair of KITT Mustang GT 500KRs sell for $300k at Barrett-Jackson

So you remember the pair of KITTs we told you about that would be sold at Barrett-Jackson in West Palm Beach, Florida? Well, the two cars sold this weekend at the winning bid of $300,000.

Starting off slow, the auction held steady at $160,000 until Mark Fields of Ford jumped on stage and announced that the winning bidder will also get the rights to purchase the last production Mustang GT500 KR. Now that doesn’t mean they get the car for free, they just have the ‘buying rights’ before anyone else does.

With that bidders went wild and the auction topped off at $300,000. Guess no one really loves KITT after all. Pity Ford spent so much money putting it everywhere possible for the 2-hour TV movie that looked like a Ford commercial anyway.

Two versions of the cars were sold including the “Super KITT” and the “Attack Mode KITT.” Both had been modified from their 4.6 liter V8s with upgraded FRC suspensions and Brembo brakes. The Super KITT also received a Ford Racing Whipple supercharger that pushes the V8 to 500 horsepower, a fiberglass hood with a KITT heartbeat light, black Le Mans stripes and 20-inch forged-aluminum wheels.


Source: AutoBlog

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