Jaguar and Land Rover have a bright future under Tata

Jaguar and Land Rover will have a bright future under Tata

Industry insiders are saying that Jaguar’s and Land Rover’s future could be bright under Tata’s ownership. Ratan Tata told Automotive News Europe that he will not transfer production of the two British brands from the United Kingdom to low-cost countries.

“Our plan would be to retain the image, the touch and the feel of Jaguar and Land Rover. We will not tinker with the brands in any way,” Tata said at the Geneva Auto Show.

Suppliers and trade unions agree and believe that being under Tata’s ownership will end uncertainty about the future of the brands and will allow them to grow even further.

Ford finalized the purchase earlier last week confirming the deal for $2.65 billion. As part of the transaction, FoMoCo will continue to supply Jaguar and Land Rover with powertrains, other vehicle components and a variety of technologies such as environmental and platform technologies.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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