InsideLine gets pulled over again, washes and returns GT-R to Nissan

InsideLine gets pulled over again, washes and returns GT-R to Nissan

We’ve been writing about InsideLine’s 2009 Nissan road-trip here and there and quite frankly we’re pretty jealous of the Edmunds guys on this one. I mean it isn’t everyday Nissan engineer walks up to you and goes “hey why don’t you guys take the GT-R on a road trip from LA and drop it over to us in Reno.

Previously caught at 91mph in Sandy City, yesterday, InsideLine got pulled over again by Officer J. Travis Keel. This time the guys were doing 90mph on Highway 50 and were given a firm warning. Seems like no one really wants to ticket Godzilla.

Click through for more info and a video of the GT-R hitting up the drag strip at the Sacramento Raceway.

“And make sure to tell everybody that the sheriffs in Millard County are all right,” Keel said with a smile.

Come on guys; at least get pulled over going over a 100mph.

Anyway, InsideLine ended their trip yesterday covering over 2,000 miles, killing 4,236,465 bugs (no idea how they got that number), hit 170mph, used up 115 gallons of 91 octane fuel and 8 bottles of octane booster, did donuts on one dry lake, raced a drag strip at Sacramento Raceway, washed and returned the GT-R to Nissan engineers.

Congratulations guys.


Source: InsideLine and InsideLine

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