Laid-off Chinese man dedicated to building three-wheeler-turned helicopter

Laid-off Chinese man dedicated to building three-wheeler-turned helicopter

When most people in the 40s get fired, they go on a job hunt right away or take some time to rest before getting back in the game. Only the very optimistic few like He Qilun, a laid-off worker in Sichuan Province of China, dig deep inside themselves to find an inventor/entrepreneur.

47-year old Qilun, who spent his teen years studying mechanics and engineering, has dedicated his time to building a long dreamed about three-wheeler-turned helicopter. Since 2002, Qilun has been collecting parts and accessories to make his dream come true.

“I want to apply for a Guinness World Records and a patent for my invention,” Qilun told reports. “Its empennage (tail assembly) will only be unfolded during flying,” he explained. All the parts for the three-wheeler-helicopter are from some motors Qilun has repaired.

Qilun keeps himself from being discouraged by naysayers. “From Aerodynamics” point of view, it”s not possible to fly a helicopter by using only airscrew and empennage,” said Wei Lin, a deputy dean of the Civil Aviation Flight University of China. Nonetheless, he is determined to take flight soon.

We wish you the best of luck Qilun.


Source: WindingRoad

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