InsideLine gets pulled over doing 91mph in a Nissan GT-R

InsideLine gets pulled over doing 91mph in a Nissan GT-R

There are only seven U.S. spec Nissan GT-Rs available right now and the very very very lucky folks at InsideLine are in one on a three day trip covering about 3,000 miles. Basically, Nissan cut a deal with Edmunds saying that they can take the car on a road trip as long as it makes it to Nissan engineers in Reno, Nevada in one piece.

Just as the trip was starting to get a little boring (we highly doubt we’d get bored even for a second), InsideLine got some ‘popo’ action yesterday after their Oldham’s vintage detector failed to pick up the radar. Clocked in at 91mph, the guys luckily got off the hook with a warning.

Blogging over at Straightline, senior editor Ed Hellwig writes: We offered him a turn behind the wheel and he actually hesitated for a second like he was about to take us up on it. In the end, he gave us a stern warning and bid us good luck at the drags tonight.

InsideLine has one more day to return the car but are willing to stop by your place if you live somewhere in the southwest. Let them know why they should come by and empty your fridge. They may even let you drive the GT-R.


Source: Straightline

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