Smart ForTwo exceeding sales expectations in the U.S.

Smart ForTwo is enjoying success in the North American market and is selling quite well in regions other than LA and New York. According to CEO of Penseke Automotive Group, Roger Penske, dealers in middle America are now desperate for more cars.

Penske said that the Smart ForTwo is selling heavily with more options than originally expected. The average Smart ForTwo is loaded with $1,600 in options. Fully loaded versions account for 10 percent of the cars sold.

“This is not a customer who is buying a car because it is cheap,” Penske told InsideLine. “People are interested in its urban friendliness and its fuel economy,” he said.

Los Angeles is the number-one state in sales followed by New York. “In Pittsburgh and places like that, the dealers are dying for the cars,” Penske said.

Smart is also considering a hybrid variant of the ForTwo in two years. “A micro-hybrid is a derivative that you could see here in the next two years,” David Schembri, president of Smart USA, recently said. He also said that a full rechargeable all-electric variant is only a few years away.


Source: InsideLine

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