BMW dealer to sell M3 to man for $60k after being pressured from internet

Dealer to sell M3 sedan to eBay winner for $60k after being pressured from internet

Believe us, there are good people in this world. BMW of Lincoln, Nebraska was under fire for the past 4 days after refusing to honor a winning auction on eBay Motors for a 2008 BMW M3 Sedan. But after many phone calls, threats, emails and even fake sales calls from forum members and random supporters of the bidder that heard his story on the internet, BMW of Lincoln was forced to sell the E90 M3 Sedan at the winning bid of $60,000.

Bidder theticketmasta, better known as Ken, was searching on eBay Motors for a 2008 BMW M3 sedan when he came across an auction that read in caps “LOWEST PRICE ON EBAY.”  The auction started at $60,000 and had a ‘But it Now’ price of $66,926 with no reserve.

After the auction was over, Michael Barett at BMW of Lincoln contacted Ken telling him the auction was a mistake. Ken then reminded him of his contractual obligation to complete the eBay transaction, however, Barett refused to honor the deal.

Ken then posted about his ordeal on many car forums around the web which in return led to major support with random people calling the dealership on behalf of Ken asking them to give him his M3 Sedan for $60,000. Even lawyers gave their support offering free legal services to Ken to get his new M3.

As a result, BMW of Lincoln decided early today to give sell Ken the car for the winning price. Posting on Ken writes:

This morning, BMW of Lincoln has agreed to sell me the car at a price of 60K, with certain conditions. I’ll be going over the conditions with the dealership tommorow, and I hope to have everything finalized by tommorow afternoon. But one thing that I would like to make everyone aware of is, BMW of Lincoln is proactively working to correct the situation that they screwed up. And yes, they screwed up big time, no doubt about that.They are trying to do right, so please don’t harass the dealership right now. No phone calls, threats, emails or fake sales calls.
We’re just wondering what the conditions are. Let us know when you get a chance Ken. Also make sure you post a picture of yourself with your new M3 Sedan.

Thanks for the tip Mike!


Source: and eBay Motors

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