Land Rover LRX moves toward production

Land Rover LRX moves toward production

The stylish LRX that blends cues from current and past Land Rovers with a forward desing direction, might see the light of day. As a production model, it will end up as a five-door instead of the show car’s three-doors.

The LRX will be based on the LR2/Freelander platform, similar to how the Range Rover Sport is based on the LR3. The LRX could end up badged as a Freelander Sport. We hope not though, that sounds stupid-silly. Here’s a thought, why not just badge it LRX?

The interior may end up as carry over from it’s donor Freelander bones. As you might expect, the LRX [or whatever it’ll end up being called] will be designed more for on-road prowess then off-road, but should still be able to hold its own off the beaten path. Land Rover’s Terrain Response with grass, gravel and snow modes will likely be included.

A production model to slot above the LR2 will pop up around 2010.


Source: Auto Express

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