Nissan Denaki Cube Concept breaks cover before NY

Nissan Denaki Cube Concept

Well it seems like Nissan just can’t seem to keep things under the wraps. Following the leak of the 2009 Nissan Maxima earlier this morning, images of the its all-new EV, the Denaki Cube Concept, have been leaked online.

Nissan plans to introduce an electric car in 2010 based on the Denaki Cube for testing with fleet customers in Japan and the United States. It will then market the lithium-ion powered electric car worldwide in 2012.

Speaking to the press at the Geneva Motor Show, Masahiko Tabe, Nissan”s manager of advanced vehicle engineering, said “The first production vehicles will be for regional areas like California. We will later expand the EV all over the world.

Join us tomorrow as we being you more details and live shots of the Nissan Denaki Cube Concept from the 2008 New York Auto Show.

Nissan Denaki Cube Concept:

Nissan Denaki Cube Concept Nissan Denaki Cube Concept