Next-generation Acura RL to get rear-wheel-drive and 420 V8

This isn’t the first time we’re reporting on the next-generation V8 powered Acura RL, however the folks at Inside Line have dug up some new info. The design of the next-generation RL will be based on the fugly Acura Advanced Sedan Concept but won’t be bas ugly since Honda has listened to the criticism. We really don’t know what they were smoking when they designed the original concept.

Instead of a 400-hp V8, InsideLine speaks of a 4.8 liter V8 engine that will produce 420-hp with class-leading fuel-economy figures. Sources are also saying that instead of the SH-AWD all-wheel-drive, the next RL will be built on a rear-wheel-drive platform.

The next-generation RL is expected to debut sometimes mid-2010 and will hit dealerships with a price tag of over $70,000. Let’s hope this gives the struggling luxury brand the ability to move up to tier 1 luxury.


Source: InsideLine

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