Toyota’s plug-in Prius to travel 12 miles on electric power alone

Toyota's plug-in Prius to travel 12 miles on electric power alone

Toyota will start offering lithium-ion powered cars to businesses in Europe at the end of this decade. The Japanese auto maker will target fleets, rental car companies and taxi companies. Toyota has not yet said when the everyday man will be able to purchase their plug-in hybrid and charge it in their house through a 220-volt electric outlet.

“We will deliver plug-in hybrid vehicles powered by lithium ion batteries to fleet customers in Europe by 2010,” Toyota Motor President Katsuaki Watanabe said at the Geneva Motor Show.

Toyota’s current Prius hybrid car can travel up to about .6 miles on electric power. By doubling the nickel-metal hydride batter pack and modifying its software, Toyota extended the range of a plug-in Prius test car to 6¬†miles.

According to insiders, Toyota hopes to achieve a range of at least 12 miles on electric power alone with its lithium-ion powered plug-in hybrid.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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