Toyota to cutback Tundra and Sequoia output due to slow sales

Toyota is cutting back production of the Tundrea and Sequoia in its Indiana and Texas plants as a result of slow sales. The reduction will begin later this spring according to spokesman Mike Goss who said Toyota has no plans to lay off workers in either of the two plants. He declined to say how many of each model Toyota will produce after the cutback.

Toyota will reduce the volume by slowing down the production cycle, which usually tries to pump out as many number of vehicles its assembly workers can build every hour. The cutback will not have any affect of the production of the Sienna minivan which is also built at the Tundra and Sequoia plants.

Light-truck sales in the U.S. have declined by 103,558 in the first two months of 2008.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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