Prius could become its own brand with coupes, sedans and more wagons

Well Good Morning – here is some more Toyota hybrid news if you aren’t already sick of it yet from last week. In an interview with Automotive News, Toyota’s executive vice president for r&d, Kazuo Okamoto, said that the Prius could become a brand of its own with a range of models. That means we’ll have more than just one wedge shaped five-door hatchback.

“We are studying that, but I can’t say what stage of the study we are in,” Okamoto said in an interview. “I do think it is a reasonable direction.”

Asked whether Toyota will offer coupes, sedans and more wagons,¬†Okamoto said, “Using the Prius platform for various variations is possible.”

While Okamoto didn’t offer any timeline for the brand or what models will be considered, we don’t expect the move to happen until after the next-generation Prius arrives later next year.

Prius recognition level is increasing worldwide, which could result in a wider model line said Okamoto.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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