First details of Saab’s 9-1X BioHybrid Concept revealed

Saab has been teasing us with teasers of the 9-1X Concept for some time now. But until now we had no other details on the car besides that it will fall into the Mini Cooper, BMW 1-Series, Audi A3 and the Volvo C30 segment.

According to a post made on WorldCarFan’s Finnish language site (that’s Finland for those of you that didn’t know), the concept will be powered by a 1.4 liter 200 horsepower BioPower engine mated with hybrid technology. Styling is heavily influenced by the 9X concept but with improved aerodynamics for better fuel-efficiency. You can also expect to see design cues from the AeroX concept.

Saab is hoping to appeal to the youth crowd with the 9-1X’s efficient performance and high-tech features such as an innovative interior with seamless connectivity for your iPod and other mp3 players. We’ll get more details during Geneva next week.

Saab 9-1X Concept Teaser Images:

Saab releases 9-1X Concept teaser image Saab 9-1X Concept Teaser Images Saab 9-1X Concept Teaser Images 

Source: WorldCarFans Suomi

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