Chrysler’s Jim Press says every car will be offered as a hybrid

Chrysler's Jim Press says every car will be offered as a hybrid

Speaking to reporters in a talk sponsored by the Levin Institute, Chrysler’s Vice Chairman said that the every model will be offered as a hybrid. In a previous interview with The Detroit News, Press said that Chrysler “absolutely” expects to provide a hybrid or diesel variants of all their models.

Press said that every vehicle that Chrysler makes would be powered by a hybrid system. While Press did not offer a schedule for when this will take place, he did say that Chrysler will work hard to meet the government’s mandate to increase fuel economy by 40 percent by 2020. According to PopularMechanics Press”s statement was the first by an auto executive that talks of hybrid technology being implemented across-the board for all vehicles in a company lineup.

Chrysler last year announced a new engineering division called ENVI that will focus on designing and building electric and hybrid vehicles. Next year Chrysler will add the Aspen and Dodge Durango hybrids which are said to have a 40 percent increase in fuel-efficiency in the city and a 20 percent increase on the highway.

Press also said that the U.S. auto market is likely to remain weak into the first quarter of 2009 but Chrysler’s turnaround plan is progressing as planned.


Source: Popular Mechanics

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