Giugiaro reveals final teasers for the Quaranta concept

Giugiaro 2008 Gevena Quaranta Teaser

Last week we showed you two teaser shots of a new Giugiaro concept that is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. While they still haven’t released any details on what this concept is all about, Giugiaro teases us today with two more teasers.

Their theme, “Nature has never been so powerful,” and the design of the concept leads us to believe this will be some type fuel-efficient supercar.

Giugiaro 2008 Gevena Quaranta Teaser:

Giugiaro 2008 Gevena Quaranta Teaser Giugiaro 2008 Gevena Quaranta Teaser Giugiaro 2008 Gevena Quaranta Teaser 

Giugiaro 2008 Gevena Concept Teaser Giugiaro 2008 Gevena Concept Teaser 


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