After the Routan minivan, VW considers ‘Robust’ pickup

After the Routan minivan, VW considers 'Robust' pickup

While Volkswagen finally decided to offer the U.S. a minivan, they don’t have any plans of pulling a Toyota Tundra out of their bag anytime soon to take on the Big 3 dominated pickup segment. However, a test mule for what’s being called Volkswagen’s ‘Robust’ pickup truck has been spotted testing in Scandinavia.

Unlike the Routan, Volkswagen will not be looking to another automaker for help with the Robust. The German giant once teamed up with Toyota to offer the Taro, but this time it will go at it alone.

Robust will be offered in a number of variants including single cab and double cab with four-wheel-drive and a cheaper 2wd version. The V-dub pickup will be powered by a range of common-rail diesel and V6 gasoline engines.

According to Lehmann’s American counterparts, the Robust is not intended for the U.S. at all. Volkswagen is going after the South American, African and other markets.

By the way, that picture is of the Volkswagen AAC concept from 2000.


Source: TCC Blog

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