Oh Lord, Best Car dreams up a Nissan GT-R SUV

Nissan GT-R SUV Renderings

The people over at Best Car magazine have dreamed up a Nissan GT-R SUV and have started speculations that Nissan may be working on a possible Godzilla based crossover. The report says the SUV will be powered by the same 473hp engine and will be a 5-door hatchback targeted at the popular crossover market, mostly Porsche Cayenne buyers.

We doubt any of this is true but it’s fun to dream nonetheless. All we’re saying is that if Nissan could consider a four-door GT-R based Infiniti, why not a high-end Infiniti crossover.

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Nissan GT-R SUV Renderings:

Nissan GT-R SUV Renderings Nissan GT-R SUV Renderings 


Source: Auto-Otaku (via AutoBlog)

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