Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Honda and HUMMER top in loyalty ratings

In the latest set of ratings complied by J.D. Power and Associates, Toyota, Lexus Hyundai, Honda and HUMMER are the industry’s strongest brands in terms of loyalty and conquest.  The rates, which measure 2007 data, suggest that Ford, Pontiac and Buick are in a decline

Loyalty and conquest rates have long been considered benchmark measurements since the J.D. Power and Associates folks mix the number of customers leaving the brand and the numbers of new ones coming in.

The group says a measurement below 100 in its index indicates that a brand is losing existing customers faster than it can conquest new ones. Only consumers who bought or leased their trade-in vehicle as new are counted in the index.

For example, Ford has a new-customer ratio of 44 percent. That means it is almost losing twice as many existing Ford owners as it has few conquests coming in. Toyota on the other hand has a new-customer ratio of 267 percent, which means it is bring in almost three times as many new customers while old ones stay put.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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