Toyota could add two more small vehicles to the U.S lineup

Toyota could add two more small vehicles to the U.S lineup

As pressure from the new fuel-economy standards heat up, Toyota could be looking to add two new small vehicles to the U.S., lineup. However, these two new small vehicles will have more utility than the Yaris, or the upcoming iQ.

First, Toyota is considering a small entry-level crossover called the Urban Cruiser, which it will show at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Second is the possibility of a compact pickup based on the Toyota A-BAT.

Jim Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales in the U.S., says that there is definitely room for booth vehicles here but added that neither has been approved for sales on the stateside.

“We are seeing further splintering and segmentation, even within the small-SUV segment,” Lentz said. “It’s the hot market right now. Customers are moving away from traditional passenger cars, but they want utility, and still want ride comfort and mileage.”

The vehicles could be badged as a Scion or Toyota. “As long as we are keeping customers,” Lentz said, “it doesn’t matter whether they are in the Toyota brand or Scion brand.”

Oh no! It does matter! I don’t think the youth (which is the demographic that Scion targets) wants to drive an A-BAT pickup!


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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