9.2% Brits wear sunglasses to block glare at night

9.2 % Brits wear sunglasses to block glare at night

No matter how cool you look in your Ray Bans or Okalyes we don’t recommend wearing sunglasses at night while driving. According to a recent study, most European drivers said they resort to unsafe practices in order to avoid glare from driving in front of vehicles at night.

Consisting of a pool of 3,000 Euro drivers, TUV Rheinland found that 5.1 percent of Germans, 5.4 percent of French and 9.2 percent of British drivers wear sunglasses at night to reduce glare. Others popular methods of avoiding glare included squinting and blocking it with their hands. 1.8 percent said that they block glare with whatever object they were holding at the time.

Of course, the study is being touted by a company specializing in auto-dimming mirrors. The company said that 71% of drivers didn’t know that auto-dimming mirrors actually existed.


Source: Gentex (via Jalopnik)