LA to NYC on 3 tanks, 150mpg in a Loremo

LA to NYC on 3 tanks, 150MPG in a Loremo

You guys remember the Loremo, the hyper-economical non-hybrid diesel that merely sips black gold and takes the word minimal to heart?

Well word has it that the Loremo could sell for 15,000 Euros or $22,000. The two-cylinder diesel goes minimal instead of hybrid and is super low weight. There are no side doors, you’ll have to get in from the opening of the combination hood, windshield, steering column – kind of like the BMW Isetta.

Worried about performance, are you? Well while the standard version books to 60MPH in a blistering 16 seconds, a $30,000 Loremo GT might just knock your socks off with 50% more cylinders [for a grand total of three] and a rocket-like 0-to-60 time of 10 seconds. Actually, that’s not that bad for a car that gets triple-digit miles per gallon of dino-juice. Heck, if Shaq owned a fleet of these, imagine how much he’d save off his $23,000 monthly fuel tab??

So it may not be fast, but at four to five times the mileage of a Malibu Hybrid for the same price or a couple grand more than the dearly departed Insight Hybrid with almost two-and-a-half times the mileage, and just as practical, it could really work. Actually with 2 rear-facing jump seats in the back, it potentially can out-practicalify the Insight. Just, umm, don’t try to fit Shaq back there.

Loremo LS Concept Gallery:

Loremo LS Concept  Loremo LS Concept  Loremo LS Concept  Loremo LS Concept  Loremo LS Concept  Loremo LS Concept


Source: MSN Autos

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