No. 1 license plate sells for $14.3 million, sets world record

No. 1 license plate sells for $14.3 million, sets world record

So you remember in the beginning of this month we brought you news of the most expensive license plate in the world? Well Talal Khouri’s $6.75 million number 5 license plate is no longer the most expensive vanity plate in the world anymore. Businessman, Saeed Abdul Ghafour, has cashed out $14.3 million for the number ‘1’ at an action today in Abu Dhabi at the 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel.

The oil-rich cities in the Gulf are driven by car culture and vanity plates have become a matter of pride and status. Basically the lower the number your car carries, the richer you are seen by society.

“From 1 to 10, these are the most expensive numbers,” said Abdulla al Mannaie, managing director of Emirates Auctions. “Ten to 99 are the second category.”

“We are trying to link between car models and number plate, like a Ferrari 599 and the plate 599, as well as date of birth or anniversary,” said al Mannaie. “They are looking to the number plate as if it is their identity, their personal identity.”

Yeah, umm, the poor and hungry orphans of the world are really proud of you guys!


Source: ABC News (via Jalopnik)

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