Jaguar dealers take 10,000 deposits for XF

Jaguar has globally taken 10,000 deposits, including 3,000 from the U.S., for the upcoming Jaguar XF. Jaguar executives said that they released the figure just to show the impact of the new XF without the company having to even advertise of offer cars available for test drive.

Instead Jaguar spent time training dealers for events that include their loyal and rich-customers only. The company put together a 21-city road show with a few XF models in tow, training entire dealerships at once. Dealerships were than told to conduct events for their wealthy and loyal customers.

Ken Gorin, owner of The Collection in Miami, has 80 sold orders from holding two events.

“I sold 30 XFs the first night,” Gorin says. “I haven’t seen a reaction like that since the (Porsche) Boxster came out. When people hear that it’s $49,900 with a standard V-8, they say, ‘Sign me up.’ ”

Sales of the Jaguar XF will simultaneously begin in the UK, Europe and North America on March 10.

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Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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