Hyundai Super Bowl spots improves brands opinion

Hyundai’s two Super Bowl spots did the best job of boosting a brands opinion according to Neilsen Online MegaPanel’s survey. The post-game study showed that 43 percent of those who took the survey said their opinion of the brand had improved. The results were the highest of any automotive advertiser.

“Our goal was not necessarily to entertain, but to inform, build awareness and position the car. We wanted to be thoughtful,” said Joel Ewanick, vice president of Marketing for Hyundai Motor America. “The ads needed to breakthrough the clutter, give the viewer a quiet moment and differentiate Hyundai from what the other companies were doing and it clearly worked.”

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57 percent of the respondents said that the ads told them something new and 45 percent said that they were believable.

The two Hyundai spots, that were focused around the new Hyundai Genesis, were created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.



Source: Yahoo Finance

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