Bugatti cans Project Lydia, working on four-door-coupe

Bugatti cans Project Lydia, working on four-door-coupe

A few weeks back, rumors started of an uber-Bugatti after Auto Motor und Sport reported of a 1175 horsepower track-focused Bugatti with a price tag of nearly 3 million. Called Project Lydia, the car was said to be a lighter version of the W16 quad-turbo car with a more track/LeMans styled body.

Mike Connor of MotorTrend, has dug up some new info saying that his senior sources within Bugatti have confirmed that while Project Lydia did exist, the idea was killed off last year. However, Bugatti still has the desire to build a second model.

According to sources, Bugatti is considering a four-door-coupe version of the 1001 horsepower supercar with the W16 mounted up front. The car is expected to top speeds of 220mph and will match, if not pass, the price of the Veyron.


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Source: MotorTrend

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