Audi will offer Q5 hybrid first, diesel will follow

In an interview with Automotive News, the head of Audi’s dealer council, Joel Weinberger, revealed some interesting information about the upcoming Audi Q5. When asked why Audi needs the smaller Q5 SUV in the United States, Weinberger answered:

The Q7 is a really big vehicle. Just size-wise you have to look at the (Lexus) RX 330 as your target. The Q5 will fit into that niche and it should not cannibalize the Q7. It will be bigger than the (BMW) X3 and (Acura) RDX. Smaller SUVs tend to be more female-oriented.

Another interesting fact revealed by Weinberger was Audi’s green plans for the Q5. When asked about Audi’s diesel plans for the U.S., Weinberger revealed information we already knew, the Q7 will go diesel first. However, he mentioned that when the smaller Q5 hits the market, it will be offered as a hybrid first.

The Q5 will go hybrid first and not diesel. You can only have so many drivetrains. It comes down to pricing too. Audi has told me the unit cost of a diesel is $4,000 more but they realize they cannot sell it for $4,000 more “” the premium will be half of that. We’ll sell them if they can keep pricing in line.

Photo Renderings: Audi Q5:

Photo Renderings: Audi Q5 Photo Renderings: Audi Q5 


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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