Nissan considering an Infiniti GT-R variant

We reported back in March of 2007, that a photographer taking shots while the new GT-R was in testing says he overheard a conversation between two Nissan workers that were calling the GT-R the “Infiniti Skyline GT-R.” We even ran a poll later that month asking which badge the GT-R should carry, in which Nissan won.

Well after Infiniti dealers continuously expressed disappointment over Nissan’s decision to keep the GT-R exclusively under the ‘Nissan’ badge, the third largest Japanese auto maker may be considering an Infiniti version of the supercar.

In an interview with Car Magazine, Nissan’s design head, Shiro Nakamura, said “We have developed the platform and the transaxle powertrain ““ an Infiniti version is a future possibility.”

“I have not done a study yet, but we are thinking about it,” said Nakamura.

Nakamura did not give any timeline, but with Nissan working on a new Infiniti Q sedan we wouldn’t expect it to arrive until later next decade.


Source: AutoBlog

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