Number ‘5’ license plate sold for $6.75M in UAE

Number '5' UAE license plate sold for $6.75M

‘Yeah its…this is like a…Yeah.’ Those are the words Talal, owner of the most expensive license plate in the world. The oil-rich region of the world, United Arab Emirates, holds the world record for the six most expensive plates where Talal, owner of the number ‘5’, cashed out $6.75 million.

Basically the lower the number your car has, the more status you have. Drivers are battling it out at auctions for a chance to show off with their lowest digit license plate.

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While that may sound stupid and completely crazy, the money raised from the auction goes to a government charity that pays out big chunks to victims of traffic accidents. Talal says that he’d be willing to drop $15 to $20 million for number ‘1’.

And you thought Project Kanh Boss Afzal Khan was crazy for dropping over $800k ‘F1’ in the UK.


Vanity Plates Sell for Millions:


Source: CNN (via Jalopnik)

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