Stop longing for ‘Full Service’: Let robots pump your gas

Stop longing for Full Service: Let robots pump your gas

If you don’t live in New Jersey or Oregon, you probably envy your fellow citizens for not having to pump their own gas in the blistering cold winter weather. Heck even the Jersey and Oregon gas attendants probably hate those who sit in the comfort of their warm car while they stand outside and pump gas and don’t even receive a tip. Well there’s a solution to all this envy and hate.

A Dutch company named Tankpitstop has just unveiled a design for a robotic arm that is programmed to recognize your vehicle’s fuel cap design, find out your car’s fuel type, adjust to it and fill up your tank.

Click through for more info and a video to see the arm in action.

Tankpitstop says the robotic arm has numerous sensors that can attach the arm to a vehicle, open the gas-tank door and gas cap, fill the tank and close everything up without human intervention. It is hoping to sell its creation across the Netherlands with pricing starting at $111,000.


Video: Tankpitstop’s Robotic Arm in action:


Source: Inside Line

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