Production Toyota minicar won’t be called ‘iQ’

The production version of the Toyota iQ, which was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will be going into production early next year. Toyota insiders have told WhatCar? that when the Toyota minicar arrives on the market later in 2009, it will not be called the iQ.

The Toyota IQ, which was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year and was designed at ED2, Toyota”s European design studio in south France. With 3+1 seating, the IQ is 425mm shorter than the Aygo and 770mm shorter than the Toyota Yaris.

Toyota has been said to be working with Yamaha to produce powertrains that sources say will be a 1.0 liter 2-cylinder engine which will be mounted up front. The Japanese giant hopes to sell 80,000 units of the world”s smallest four-seater car in the first 12 months of its introduction.


Source: WhatCar?

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