Jaguar XF to possibly see budget fuel-sipping variant

Jaguar isn’t obtuse to the growing green sentiment sweeping through the automotive industry. Fuel prices are at all time highs and aren’t backing down anytime soon. Add to that, in Jag’s main market, UK, the BMW 5series and Audi A6 sell mostly 2.0 liter diesel versions. All this makes for a compelling argument for Jag to sell an XF with a similarly small diesel.

Jaguar already has a 2.7 liter V6 turbodiesel that competes with similar motors in the BMW 525d and the Audi A6 2.7TDi. Possible small motors for the new fuel efficient model could be the 130-hp 2.0 liter from Ford’s Mondeo or a Peugeot designed 2.2 liter used in the X-type. The decision for which motor to contract for a long term supply will probably be made when Jaguar’s likely sale to Tata is complete.

XF’s will probably sell better than S-types in even their best year. 30% of XF sales will be to fleets, but that number could be much higher once the small diesel is ready.


Source: AutoCar

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