Honda S2000 to get suspension tweaks

Honda S2000 to get suspension tweaks

The Honda S2000 will receive suspension tweaks that will improve the ‘at the limit’ handling on the 2-seat roadster for the European spec model. The tuning will make the car less ‘scary’ and more predictable.

The new suspension tuning will mirror that of the Japanese spec model. Changes to dampers, springs and anti-roll bars will be part of the package. In addition, the headrest frames are enhanced for rollover protection.

No word on whether the US spec model will follow suit, but it would illogical not to bring the same upgrades to the US model. 

We’re hoping the S2000’s future isn’t just comprised of minor tweaks every few years for another decade. A next generation inline-six or four with a turbo would be nice. A coupe variant in addition would be nifty as well. Killing it off would be unforgiveable though.


Source: WhatCar?

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