BMW gives green light for Isetta city car replacement

Back in November 2007, reports suggested that BMW was planning to take on the Smart ForTwo and the Fiat 500 with a stylish micro car based on the Isetta, the famous bubble car of the fifties. According to AutoExpress, BMW execs have been talking of a fourth brand for the BMW Group, and the Isetta name is the ‘clearest indication’ of what that fourth brand will be about.

Insiders have told AutoExpress that recent speculations saying that BMW’s new brand will only produce hybrids are wrong. However, the insider did say that the hybrid “technology is reserved for larger models, such as our SUVs.” We don’t know if you remember but during the Detroit Auto Show we published a post saying that the BMW X6 will be the German auto maker’s first hybrid.

Sources are saying that BMW has given the city car project the green light in an effort to reduce the average CO2 outputs from its vehicles to meet new EU targets. For the Isetta micro car, BMW will use turbo petrol and diesel engines to help keep costs down.


Source: AutoExpress

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