Video: Hyundai takes shots at Mercedes and BMW in Super Bowl ads

Video: Hyundai takes shot at Mercedes and BMW in Super Bowl ads

You”re probably as pumped as us to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday (GO GIANTS!) and if you read eGMCarTech and love cars like we do than you”re probably excited about the car commercials that will air during the game. Besides Audi”s Godfather themed commercial, look out for Hyundai”s two 30-second spots during the third and fourth quarter.

This will be Hyundai”s first Super Bowl commercial since 1989 since they had nothing to talk about for the last 19 years. Now Hyundai is pumped and excited about their brand new rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan, the Hyundai Genesis.

The ads will take a shot at BMW and Mercedes-Benz with comments like ‘More spacious than a BMW 7-Series. Priced like a 3-Series.’

Click through for the videos.

Hyundai takes a shot at BMW:


Hyundai takes a shot at Mercedes-Benz:


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