Clarkson voted as a ‘secret sex symbol’

Top Gear”s Jeremy Clarkson has been voted one of Britain”s top three secret sexiest man. asked about 5,000 females to name men who the secretly think are the sexiest men in Britain. In a survey called “˜Men I Secretly Adore,” 47-year old Clarkson took third place while This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield and chat show host Jonathan Ross took first and second place.

Others in the top ten were that celebrity chef guy Gordon Ramsay, Fabio Capello and Match Of The Day”s Gary Lineker.

Of course Clarkson had to make a smart comment about the whole thing. 

He said: “So I beat a man who looks like Shrek (Capello), a man with ears the size of satellite dishes (Lineker), and a man who calls a spade a spade (Ramsay).”


Source: The Sun

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