Ford Execs: Current Ford Taurus is like Homer Simpson

Ford Execs: Current Ford Taurus is like Homer Simpson

It’s understandable that Ford execs might level some criticism at the Ford Five-Hundred for looking dopey and overly conservative now that they’ve refreshed it and reintroduced it as the Taurus. But apparently two of them have compared the current Taurus to Homer Simpson.

Head of Global Product Development, Derrick Kuzak made the comparison in the process of talking up the styling direction of the 2010 Ford Taurus. The thing is, the current Taurus will still be around for two years, and while Homer does truly love his family, he’s not the most polished, svelte, intelligent or talented individual. Comparing the Taurus to the fatso, balding Homer isn’t the most complimentary thing they could have said. CEO Alan Mulally added, “The new Taurus that you’re going to see in the next year or so is the one we should have made originally.”

Ford hasn’t exactly marketed or advertised the Taurus properly, which has led to a 19% decline in Taurus sales from combined Five-Hundred & Taurus sales a year ago. We don’t know if Ford is trying to tank Taurus sales so the next one seems to sell extra special, but hey at least the next car will have some interesting styling if Ford delivers on this promise. Though you have to at least give them points for being, umm, honest. And we can smell the cross-marketing opportunity like a fresh box of donuts. D’oh!


Source: CNN

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