Oh yes, we went there: 9 Minivans You’ll Beg To Drive

Oh yes, we went there: 9 Minivans You'll Beg To Drive

Okay, maybe not beg, but at least satisfied if circumstances put you in such a position to own a minivan. Today’s automakers are looking to add technology and luxury features to retain minivan owners and maybe, just maybe, lure in those who run after SUVs or Crossover.

Take the Honda Odyssey Touring for example. In there you’ll find a satellite navigation system that operates with voice recognition responding to over 630 commands, a full-color rear view backup camera, a DVD entertainment package system and, of course, leather seating.

According to Stephanie Brinley, senior manager of a market research firm covering the auto industry, while “the minivan market is not dead, sales have slowed, the market has matured, and there’s some shrinkage.”

Still, she says, “it is really the best space for hauling people and stuff.”

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9 Minivan You’ll Beg to Drive:

Chrysler Town & Country Limtied – $36,400
Honda Odyssey Touring – $25,860
Toyota Sienna XLE – $37,665
Mazda 5 – $23,000
Dodge Grand Caravan SXT – $27,535
Nissan Quest 3.5 SE – $34,330
Chevrolet Uplander 1LT – $30,110
Hyundai Entourage Limtied Limited – $29,795
Kia Sedona EX: $26,920


Source: Forbes

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