Heartless man of the week: Driver sues family of boy he killed

Heartless man of the week:

In August of 2004, Thomas Delgado, killed 17-year-old Enaitz Irondo, after hitting him with his Audi A8. Entaiz was riding his bike home when Delgado’s car, struck and killed him.

A traffic report stated that Delgado was traveling 70mph in an area where the speed limit was 55mph. However, an independent expert hired by Irondo’s family said Delgado was actually travelling at 107mph, which resulted in criminal charges being filed against Delgado. Shortly after, a judge dismissed criminal charges and Delgado’s insurance company ended up cashing out $48,500 to Irondo’s family.

Well, it wasn’t over yet. Two years later, Delgado ended up suing the family for damages to his A8 and car rental costs. Following a massive outrage from hundreds of people in Northern Spain, Delgado recently decided to drop the controversial lawsuit saying that, even though he was a victim, the matter had attracted too much publicity.

Yes, your Audi A8 and rental costs mean a lot more than 17 year-old’s life. Oh, the humanity!

Antonio Irondo, Enaitz Irondo’s father, told CNN that even though he was content with the decision, the family will “explore the possibility of criminal chargers.’

“This is just the beginning,” the father said.


Source: CNN

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