Garmin partners with BMW for custom nuvi docking stations

Garmin partners with BMW for custom nuvi docking stations

Garmin has worked out with BMW where Garmin will produce custom navigation systems for the BMW 1 and 3-Series based on their Nuvi 360. BMW will offer its customers a special docking station on the car’s instrument panel for the Nuvi navigation system, avoiding any cables or wires running to and from the cigarette lighter.

includes a customized mounting bracket that allows owners to mount the nüvi directly to the interior trim on the instrument panel, rather than to the windshield via a suction cup mount like traditional Garmin portable navigation systems”¦ The special bracket is powered by BMW”s onboard network and eliminates the need for exposed power cables. The mount charges the nüvi”s built-in battery so that the device may also be used outside of the car when navigating a city as a pedestrian.’

The Nuvi 360 currently sells for $322 and features Bluetooth technology and the capabilities to play mp3s. No word on how much BMW will charge for the option. We totally think this a dumb idea. We rather go for the Package that includes the navigation and call it a day, unless where saving over $400.


Source: Navigadget

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